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Meet our CJO

(Chief Joy Officer… It’s a thing)

Laura High Res Photo

Laura Steward

Founder and CEO

Video speaks to us….LITERALLY!


Here at VideoFizz we love that video can transport you into a certain place and time, it really is the next best thing to actually being there. It’s our app’s mission to transform the way we celebrate life’s most important occasions by giving you a way to remember them more vividly than ever before.


What could be more fun than receiving a compilation video from your friends and family at your next celebration? Whether they’re across the globe or in the same neighborhood everyone can participate in creating a montage that will be remembered forever. Now imagine being the person who created one for someone else…well they’re aren’t enough brownie points available to describe the thanks you’ll get!


One of the lucky recipients of a VideoFizz wrote us and asked  us “HOW did you do that? Seeing our college friends, kids and grandkids all wishing us a Happy 50th was the most special gift we’ve ever received.  We keep watching it over and over.” #missionaccomplished


HOW we do it is some pretty fancy technology we created with a number of capabilities to collect, edit, combine, and host video files called C3DM (not to be confused with C3PO).  It used in a number of different applications, but here it just means we’ve made it as easy as possible for anyone to create a special gift like this.


It’s YOU, and the people you invite, that will make each VideoFizz unique and special.








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